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Gemeindewald 4-6
D-86672 Thierhaupten
Tel.: +49 8271 - 8176-0
Fax: +49 8271 - 8176-76

IBS International Engineering Company


IBS GmbH is an internationally active, medium-sized system engineering company with a total of approximately 175 employees. IBS products distinguish themselves through their high degree of specialisation.

IBS provides its customers with
complete solutions involving a high proportion of their own services. IBS reacts swiftly and flexibly to customer-specific requirements, thus adding weight to their claim to expertise and innovation leadership.

Our customer relationships are characterised by the
simple and transparent style of communication at IBS. Our uppermost objective is always the satisfaction of our customers who, as a result, recognise IBS as a trustworthy partner when it comes to finding a solution for their needs.